LaundrySaver™ - Eco-friendly Wool Dryer Balls

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Introducing the LaundrySaver™, the most cost-effective alternative to both natural and synthetic dryer sheets. Using dryer balls eliminates the need to use toxic and harsh fragrances used in typical dryer sheets. Stop buying toxic dryer sheets every month when you can use all natural wool dryer balls and they will last through hundreds of loads!


Our wool drying balls help shorten drying time by up to 40-50%. This means you're saving a ton of money on your electric bills and you get to dry your favorite blanket right before a cuddle session. This is because our balls absorb the moisture from washing.



When using our non-toxic wool balls, the moisture absorbed will help soften your clothes and helps keep your clothes from clinging together. This helps counter act the static build-up, leaving your clothes fresh, wrinkle free, and as soft as the clouds.