Top 3 Universities that have created the most billionaires

Top 3 Universities that have created the most billionaires

1. University of Pennsylvania:

One of the top ivy schools in the country, this school has added more people to the Forbes 400 than any other school. Elon Musk, Donald Trump, Warren Buffet and John Legend are all former alumni of this school. All in all, there has been a total of 18 UPENN graduates who have become billionaires.


2. Stanford University:

Although not part of the big ivy League schools, Stanford ranks among one of the hardest universities to get accepted to, with an estimated 4.8% acceptance rate. Home to the famous Silicon Valley, there has been a huge amount of tech giants formed at this school. Stanford is estimated to have produced 13 billionaires to this date. 


3. Yale University: 

With an average acceptance rate of 6.3%, Yale is home to some of the smartest people on the planet. Yale outperforms its rival, Harvard, in making more undergraduate students reach the 400 Forbes list. Yale alumni include Fred Smith, founder of FedEX, which just made an estimated 60 billion in revenue just last year, and George H. W. Bush. The university has produced 13 billionaires to this day.

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