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Where do you ship?

We provide shipping all over the world. We have no barriers :) 

How long does shipping take?

The shipping time will depend on your exact location. However, it usually takes only 10-15 business days for shipping to the US and 15-20 business days for international shipping.

How can I track my package?

You will receive an email after you order. With this, you can contact us with your order number and we will be happy to give you an accurate depiction of where your package is. Please note that the tracking information will be displayed 2-5 days after receiving that email, so please be patient and wait a couple days before freaking out about your order.

Why didn't all my orders come in one package?

Orders are fulfilled from various warehouses across the world. (US, Canada, and China). Our stock is spread out over multiple fulfillment centers so that the products can be shipped faster and more efficiently. This means orders containing multiple items may be shipped individually. You may receive one item before the next. We did not forget about your order, just be patient and all of your items will be in before you know it :)


What payment options do you offer?

We offer payments with the most reliable and safe carriers which include Paypal, Credit card, Debit card or VISA. So you can choose the most suitable one for you.

What currency does your website use?

Our website uses USD as the main currency to be shown across our products, but we accept all other currencies. Once you check out, the currencies will be automatically converted for your preference.