When I borrowed $200 from my mom to sell a couple shirts, I didn’t know it would create as big of a movement as Model Gurus is today. I was just a high school student with a small dream of making a meaningful clothing brand that also made you feel like a rockstar. 

Living in LA, everyone seems to be creating a clothing brand or revolutionizing the fashion industry but I didn’t want any of that when I started. All I wanted was to help the people who were around me feel and look good with what they were wearing. 

Model Gurus is a Los Angeles based streetwear brand influenced by the skate culture, luxury fashion and vintage wear revolution. Being unique has always been something true to our values, and so we like to digress from the typical standards of clothing to give our audience the look and feel they can’t get from any other clothing brand. This also comes in part from our exclusive never-restocked pieces, which can only be bought and worn by one person.

We seek out the highly respectable individual with traditional values who is currently trapped in everyday life, conditioned by the media and consumer culture. We want to help you escape the conditioned mind, and open your eyes to the possibilities of life.

Our customers aren’t just a number and aren’t treated like a transaction. We offer you a spot in our family, and connect on a level greater than ourselves. You are a person driven by the highest level of achievement, greater than the people around you, and your values resonate with ours. Together, we will create something that will outlast and outlive all of us, and a single piece of cloth from us will change the way you look at the fashion industry forever.