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Hellhound - Vintage Tee

Regular price$25.00 Sale price

Hellhound - Vintage Tee

Regular price$25.00 Sale price
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The most exclusive MG drop yet. Only made a very limited amount of these. Featuring a three headed hellhound with Hellish MG wording.

Legend has it that there exists a three headed dog called Cerberus that guards the entrance to Hades. In this misty and gloomy hell, spirits of the dead are permitted to enter but none are allowed to leave. By wearing this shirt, you are under the protection of Cerberus 🔥

Don't believe us? Try it yourself.... 

✔️ 100% Custom Made

✔️ Acid Wash for Vintage Effect 

✔️ Slightly Oversized Fit  

✔️ Ribbed and Distressed Collar

Included with every package is a mystery sticker


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