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The King is Here - Shirt - Red

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The King is Here - Shirt - Red

Regular price$20.00 Sale price
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The Lost Kings collection was made to encapture the mania behind societies long history of domination.

We were taught our powerful leaders were the god chosen embodiments of our societies to earn our acceptance, but that could not be farther from the truth.

The power to dominate others will always be a psychological need for some people. In order for them to fulfill that need, one has to have power over the other, which brings about those willing to be oppressed.

Hierarchical organization might be present in our biology and we might never outgrow the need to have dominion and feebleness in the same place.

But in order for you to stop being dominated in the world, you alone must fight for what you want and not be fearful of others. Learn what it is you want in this world and give it your all to achieve it......🔥


✔️ 100% Cut & Sew

✔️ True to size - (For oversized, get a size above) 

✔️ Hand-Stitched


Special Care Instructions:

Use Cold Water When Washing

- Don't Machine Dry, Air Dry. 


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